BT Speedway ISDN TA

BT sold their own branded ISDN Terminal Adapters for their 'BT Highway' (non EuroISDN compliant - unsure how!) or ISDN 2/2e service - this external serial TA is a rebranded AVM FRITZ!X, without the phone ports. According to the archived site, they were sold for £99.99 incl. VAT as of October 1998. BT also sold an updated version with a USB port added, according to the technical specifications on their site


The original CD came with:

  • Speedway!Answer
  • Speedway!Data - Data transfer software supporting Euro File Transfer and ?
  • Speedway!Fax - B/W G3 (and G4?) fax software.
  • Speedway!Term - Terminal supporting ISDN X.75 data calls, V.110 calls, "Videotex" (BTX) calls, and analogue modem calls using the 14.4k soft modem.

BT provided both a 2.06 update, which introduced the software Speedway!phone (to place phone calls with the sound card) and a 3.01 update.

The included driver include a CAPI interface for Windows, and can be used with the standard AVM CAPI Port software software as well as the BT-branded CAPI software - Currently, only the Windows 98 support has been tested, though the driver included is for Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0.

TODO: Check the PCI Speedway card, since it has a "Ready for Windows XP" sticker on and presumably has newer drivers.

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