Canon FAX-L260i

The Canon FAX-L260i is a Telefax machine with laser printer manufactured by Canon around 1999.

It is one of the few fax machines which natively support not just an ISDN BRI connection, but actually the Telefax_G4 service. It also features inter-operabiliy with legacy analog Fax machines by using a fall-back mechanism: If the SETUP for G4 (Unrestricted Digital Information) fails, it re-tries using 3.1kHz audio using a built-in rockwell modem chipset for G3 transmission.


TBD: pictures, teardown

Interesting features

D-channel and B-channel protocol traces

The FAX-L260i is capable of printing D-channel and also B-channel protocol traces of the last fax it transmitted. See the Service Manual below for more details.

TBD: scan of such a trace.

User Manual

Service Manual

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