DeTeWe (together with Fujitsu) was developing and selling a family of V5_Access_Multiplexers called ALIAN (Advanced Line Interconnection Access Network).

It is also sold as Fujitsu FSX2000 subscriber multiplexer.

ALIAN Shelves

ALIAN systems are built from shelves, each shelf hosting slide-in modules/components. A shelf has slots 1 .. 23, whereas 18+19, 20+21 and 22+23 are double-wide slots.

Shelves come in two configurations: CMS (Common Management Shelf) and EXP (Expansion Shelf). The CMS and the EXP shelf are identical shelves. Their function is determined
by the plug-in units which are fitted to the shelves.

The CMS accomodates the following common units:
  • Power Supply (PWR-H) units
  • Main Processor Unit (MPU-H)
  • Network Management Interface (NMI) unit
  • Time sLot Assignment (TSA) unit
  • V5 Message Controller (V5MC) unit
  • System Interface Panel (SIP)
  • Back Wiring Board (BWB)

A CMS can be used stand-alone. Alternatively it can act as primary for EXP expansion shelves.

Each CMS and EXP shelf can then contain a number of termination modules, such as:
  • POTS Subscriber Line Module (SLM15G)
  • ISDN BRA subscriber line module (BRA12T)
  • Trunkj or tributary E1 interconnection (E1B21, E1BU4)

DeTeWe ALIAN Components

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