Possio greta GSM Fax

greta is a model of a GSM Fax machine sold by the Swedish company Possio

GSM Fax is an adaptation of G3 where the modem is replaced with digital transmission using GSM CSD (Circuit Switched Data). For more information about this, see CSD.

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Separating body from keyboard/display unit

After loosening four philips screws from the bottom side, the top part with pushbuttonds + LCD can be removed from the bottom part containing all other major parts:

DSC00541.JPG DSC00550.JPG

Battery Pack

The 6-cell NiMH battery pack can be easily removed


Base unit with and without battery pack holder

DSC00554.JPG DSC00559.JPG

Removing Scanner/Printer unit

DSC00563.JPG DSC00566.JPG

Mainboard front/back side

DSC00569.JPG DSC00572.JPG

Mainboard with GSM Modem unplugged


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