Siemens FastLink / WideLink

Formerly FastLink, later WideLink is a family of devices forming a (primarily) PDH transport network technology by Siemens. It serves the following functionalities:
  • transport of (leased) digital subscriber lines (typically 2 Mbps) over copper (1-pair G.SHDSL, 2-pair HDSL) and fiber (UG2 or proprietary single-fiber bi-directional system)
  • add/drop multiplex of digital subscriber lines, e.g. from E1 (2 Mbps) to E3 (34 Mbps)
  • optionally, add/drop multiplex up to STM-1 (electrical or optical)
  • optionally, subscriber line termination of (leased or switched) POTS + ISDN lines (V5_Access_Multiplexers)
  • optionally, cross-connect functionality

FastLink would typically be deployed as a transport network by a telecom operator around the year 2000. They would deploy a number of multiplexers at various points of presence, from where they would run HDSL, HSDSL or optical lines to the respective customers that subscribed to a variety of digital services. Between the points of presence there would typically be a ring, either at the E3 or (probably more often) at the STM-1 level within the digital hierarchy.

Component Carriers

Type Part Description
AMXLS Access Multiplexer Shelf
CMXII Cross-connect multiplexer II
OMX16S S42023-A841-xx Optical Multiplexer OMX16 Shelf
OMXLS S42023-A859-xx Optical Multiplexer OMX16 Shelf
SMXLS Synchronous Multiplexer SMX (STM-1/STM-4) Shelf + 8 LT*
SMXCS Double Synchronous Multiplexer SMX (STM-1) Shelf
UMX2S AMXC Shelf (AMX + Concentration)
UMXLS Feeder Shelf

Components / Modules

Type Description Usable in component carrier
LTCOH HDSL (RTR/TM-03036, Tab 4, 1,168 Mbit/s, 2 pairs) OMX2S2, OMX16S
LT12CM HDSL (ETR 152 1,168 MBit/s, 2 pairs) OMX2S2, OMX16S
LT22CM HDSL (ETR 152,1,168 MBit/s, 2 pairs), dual OMX2S2
RPSII Remote Power Supply II OMXS2, UMXLS
LTO-LT, LTO-NT Optical (8,704 Mbit/s, SM, single fiber) OMXS2, OMX16S
LUC G.703 long-haul
LUCP G.703 long-haul with phantom power
LUCT UK2 according to FTZ 1 TR 221 with phantom power
LUOT-A Optical (2,048 Bit/s, two fibers)
OTSU Optical Terminal Supervision Unit
OTSU2M Supervision and administration of local cards (except in UMXLS as slave of SUE) and remote equipment connected to them OMXS2, OMX2S2, UMXLS, OMX16S, SMXLS
SUE Supervision and administration of local cards in UMXLS UMXLS
OTRU36 Optical interface 36 Mbit/s (34Mbps F2an plus overhead) OMX16S
DXMX34 Multiplexer from 16x 2 Mbit/s to 34 Mbit/s
CUAII AMXS central processor AMXS
SUB162 Analog subscriber line card (16 port) AMXS
LLA102/104 Analog leased line AMXS
I8S0P ISDN line card (S0, 8 port) AMXS
IUL82 ISDN line card (Uk0 2B1Q, 8 port) AMXS
IUL84 ISDN line card (Uk0 4B3T, 8 port) AMXS
ADM1e Add Drop Multiplexer STM-1 electic SMXLS, SMXCS
ADM1o Add Drop Multiplexer STM-1 optical SMXLS, SMXCS
ADM4 Add Drop Multiplexer STM-4 SMXLS
TC21E1 21 E1 expansion for ADM* SMXLS, SMXCS
TC1E3 E3 expansion for ADM* SMXLS, SMXCS
TC1STM1e STM-1 expansion for ADM* SMXLS, SMXCS

CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

Type Description
NT12C 1x 2Mbit/1MBit (G.703)
Siemens_NT12CP 1x 2Mbit/1MBit G.703/G.704 or S2M (ISDN-PRA) over HDSL
Siemens_NT12CV 2x nx64k up to 2Mbit (V.35, V.36, X.21) over HDSL
NT22 O 2x 2Mbit (G.703) optical
NT22 OP 2x 2Mbit S2M (ISDN-PRA) optical
NT22 OV 2x nx64k up to 2Mbit (V.35, V.36, X.21) optical
NTU 128k or 64k (V.35, V.36, X.21)

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