Siemens TSU NT 22 O

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This is a Optical Line Termination (OLT) for two E1 circuits within the Siemens Fastlink system.

It speaks to the ONU via a bi-directional single-mode optical fibre with a supposedly proprietary protocol/framing. There are two wavelengths in use:
  • 1550 nm in the downlink to the NT
  • 1300 nm in the uplink direction to the LT


20221120_115756.jpg 20221120_115810.jpg 20221120_115910.jpg 20221120_115829.jpg 20221120_115821.jpg

As one can see, it actually houses a module in the Siemens_FastLink form-factor with its two DIN backplane connectors. This likely means the module is (mostly?) identical to the LT side used in the transport network, the LTO/LT module.




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