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Table of ISDN stacks for Linux

Name Protocols NT general uses Hardware Application support
Aculab ??? ??? voice / ??? unknown / proprietary ???
CAPI (depends on driver) any proprietary or via mISDN (2) Asterisk (chan-capi-cm/chan-capi-hps),
Hylafax, Wine, ...
DAHDI any (DSS1, QSIG, DMS-100
NI-1, NI-2, 4ESS, 5ESS)
Yes voice / network Sangoma / Digium cards
plus CCD HFC via addons
Asterisk (chan_dahdi), Osmocom
isdn4linux 1TR6, DSS1 No terminal / network /
voice / diversion
cards using chips by Siemens,
CCD (HFC*, incl. USB) and
Winbond as well as some cards
from AVM, Sedlbauer and NETJet
/dev/ttyISDN* (AT style interface),
ipppd, commandline tools
mISDN (1) DSS1 Yes voice Asterisk (chan_misdn)
mISDN (2) any (DSS1) Yes voice Linux-Call-Router, OsmoNITB, Osmo-CC
NMS ??? ??? voice / ??? hardware from NMS Communications Asterisk (chan_nms)
pika ??? ??? voice / ??? hardware from Pika Technologies Asterisk (chan_pika)
Sirrix DSS1, QSIG Yes voice cards from Sirrix AG Asterisk (chan_srx)
u-isdn 1TR6, DSS1 No network
visdn DSS1 Yes voice cards with CCD HFC* chips Asterisk (chan_visdn)
woomera ??? ??? ??? early Sangoma cards Asterisk (chan_woomera)
zaptel <.has been renamed to DAHDI, see above
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