VCFB 2022

This page is about the retronetworking exhibit at the 2022 Incarnation of VCFB (Vintage Computing Festival, Berlin) on October 8+9, 2022.

We brought our Dialup_Network_In_A_Box together with a few Laptops and plenty of Modems_for_analog_telepone_lines as well as ISDN_Adapters.

What can I do here?

You can
  1. use one of the laptops with modem/ISDN-TA to dial into a variety of BBSs or experience dialup internet
  2. bring your own laptop and connec to a modem via a USB-Serial adapter and a terminal program of your choice


To (re?)experience the days of BBSs and dialup networking before the advent of always-on technologies like DSL and cellular internet

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