rtl-sdr version 2.0.1 released

Added by laforge 8 months ago

We're happy to announce the release of rtl-sdr version 2.0.1 containing the following main advancements over the previous 0.6.0 release:

  • work-around for Linux kernel mmap()-bug on ARM/ARM64
  • disable usbfs zero-cop by default (may cause bus errors and has only marginal performance benefit)
  • build fix for OpenBSD
  • allow non-default GPIOs for bias-tee configuration
  • rtl_biast command line tool
  • fixed issues compiling on Windows with MSVC, CMake and NMake
  • support for libusb on GNU/Hurd
  • add IPv6 support to rtl_tcp
  • modernize cmake (new minimum required version is 3.7.2)
  • tuner_r82xx: fix short-write in r82xx_read()
  • rtl_fm: add a new option to select 2nd direct sampling mode
  • lib: Stop applying workaround for libusb < 1.0.9 (from 2012!)
  • Fix signal handler from getting stuck in an endless loop
  • add rtl-sdr blog v4 support
  • add -D direct sampling flag to rtl_tcp

Weekly windows binary packages for rtl-sdr and osmo-fl2k

Added by laforge about 5 years ago

While Osmocom in general is a very much Linux-centric development community, we are now finally publishing automatic weekly Windows binary builds for the most widely used Osmocom SDR related projects: rtl-sdr and osmo-fl2k.

You can find the binaries at The actual builds are done by roox who is building them using MinGW on OBS, see

The status of the osmocom binary publish job, executed once per week from now on, can be found at


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