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'''NOTE: All information here is collected by us, we have no contact or affiliation with Ericsson. We have no idea how accurate our information-gathering has been.'''

= Ericsson Mini-Link =

Ericsson Mini-Link is a series of commercially very successful microwave links.

They are used world-wide for back-hauling GSM BTS and UMTS Node-B, i.e. for the
A-bis and IuB-links.

Every microwave link is a point-to-point link.

Each side of the link has an IDU (In Door Unit) and ODU (Out Door Unit).

=== IDU (MMU) ===
The IDU is responsible for transmitting and receiving at the respective microwave frequency (normally 7...38GHz).

In the Mini-Link system they are most commonly they are called MMU.

There are different types of MMUs, representing the different link speeds of the microwave link, e.g.
* MMU 34+2 (1 E3 link at 34 Mbps plus 1 E1 link for mgmt)
* MMU 4x2 (4 E1 links at each 2 Mbps)

The MMU has connections for the data links (E1, E3, STM-1, etc.) as well as a coaxial wire connecting it with the

You can see photographs of the interior of a MMU in the following album:

=== SMU ===

The SMU is a unit that aggregates SDH links, e.g. the SAU 16x2 aggregates 16 E1 links into one E3
=== SAU ===

The SAU can control various site-local digital input and outputs throug the management link.

=== ODU (RAU) ===
The ODU is contains the actual modem that modulates the E1, E3 or STM-1 link onto the IF (Intermediate Frequency)
which is put on the coaxial link towards the ODU.

Conversely, on a different IF, there is the down-link from the ODU towards the demodulator/decoder in the IDU.

In the Mini-Link system, the ODU is commonly called RAU (Radio Access Unit).

== Hardware Information ==

=== IF-Link between IDU and ODU ===
There are three intermediate frequencies (IFs) that are being used:
* Uplink IF at 350 MHz
* Downlink IF at 140 MHz
* Control IF at low frequency

== Mini-Link Equipment that we have ==

=== RAU ===

==== 7 GHz ====
||Qty||Type||Tx (MHz)||Owner||
||1||RAU1 N 7/11||7426-7484||Jolly||

==== 15 GHz ====
||Qty||Type||Tx (MHz)||Owner||
||1||RAU 15/13||14709.25-14823||LaForge (D)||
||1||RAU 15/16||15024.25-15138||LaForge (D)||

==== 18 GHz ====
||Qty||Type||Tx (MHz)||Owner||
||1||RAU1 18/11||17706.5-18009.5||LaForge||
||1||RAU1 18/15||18716.5-19019.5||LaForge||

==== 23 GHz ====
||1||RAU 23/56||22002.75-22513.75||Jolly||
||1||RAU2 L 23/76||22002.75-22288||Jolly||
||1||RAU2 N 23/76||22002.75-22288||Jolly||
||1||RAU2 M 23/77||22288-22590.75||LaForge||
||1||RAU2 M 23/79||23296-23598.75||LaForge||

==== 26 GHz ====
||Qty||Type||Tx (MHz)||Owner||
||1||RAU 26/24||24995.25-25445||LaForge||
||1||RAU 26/29||26003.25-26453||LaForge||

==== 38 GHz ====
||Qty||Type||Tx (MHz)||Owner||
||1||RAU 38/12||37338-37619.75||Jolly||
||1||RAU 38/16||38598-38879.75||Jolly||

=== MMU ===
||3||MMU 34+2||LaForge||
||6||MMU 34+2||Jolly||
||3||MMU 155/16||Jolly||
||3||MMU 155/128||Jolly||
||2||MMU 4+2/8||LaForge (D)||

=== SMU ===
||2||SMU 16x2||LaForge||

=== SAU ===
||1||SAU 1 Exp||LaForge||

=== Other (Not Ericsson) ===
||2||RAD 34M/E1||Jolly||
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