GSMA Security Group

The GSMS is apparently the oldest working group within the GSMA


The GSMA SG releases guideline documents for their members. Access to those documents is non-public :(

  • SG.01 – 04
    • Distribution rules and NDA’s pertaining to algorithms
  • SG.07
    • Threat Analysis of the GSM System
  • SG.09
    • Interception Requirements
  • SG.11
    • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • SG.14
    • Operations and Maintenance Access Control
  • SG.15
    • Operator Guidance on the use of Security Mechanisms
  • SG.16
    • Security Advice to GPRS Users
  • SG.17
    • GRX Security Requirements
  • SG.18
    • Functional Description of CEIR

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