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laforge, 06/10/2024 07:46 PM

eSIM profile database

Similar to #6475, it would be interesting to gather [statistics on] eSIM profiles. Basically get profiles from as many operators out thre and then use that body of data to have a look which features the profiles use.

While we don't yet have any kind of database or website, I already appreciate any eSIM contributions.

How to contribute?

If you would like to donate an eSIM profile to this project, please order an eSIM and then send the activation code (QR code or text representation) to

The eSIM you donate does not need to be active or provide any kind of service. You can (for example) order it and deactivate it immediately afterwards.

Known profiles

Let's keep this manually maintained table until we have the actual database:

MCC MNC eSIM Name ICCID SM-DP+ SM-DP+ operator
204 08 KnowRoaming 8944478600003638047 Truphone
232 10 Readtea Mobile 89852245280003057073 RedTea Mobile
260 01 Airalo Bonbon Mobile France 89103000000182121497 Workz
260 06 BNESIM Germany 8910300000017998750 Workz
262 02 Vodafone DE 89492026245201259854 G+D
262 03 sipgate 8949310000000238199 Invigo
? ? EDEKA smart kombi S ?
? ? Lycamobile UK 8944840003001870996 Oasis-Smartsim
234 40 spusu 8944404000000086051 AKA Gemalto
234 15 Vodafone UK 89441000400300784024 Idemia
208 01 Orange FR 89330124221443150960 Oberthur

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