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laforge, 02/19/2016 10:48 PM
add page on hardware status

PageOutline = Osmocom SIMtrace Hardware =

We're currently working on some prototypes of the Osmocom SIMtrace Hardware.

The schematics, Gerber files, etc. can be found in the 'hardware' subdirectory of the simtrace.git repository: * (web browsing * git:// (git clone URL)

We're using Kicad as EDA tool. Most of the work on the schematics and Gerber files has been done by Kevin Redon


As of June 04, 2011 the components have all arrived and four PCBs are in production. We expect to assemble the first
units around June 14, 2011.

TODO * Verify operation of prototype * Add Copyright and License statement on the PCB layout * Decide on alternative sourcing of SIM adapter cables * Go into actual production License

Right now we did not release the schematics or Gerber files under any license. However, once the design is finished,
we intend to put them under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA (Share Alike / Attribution) license.


Once the design is finished and verified, the produced units are going to be sold through []

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