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PageOutline = Osmocom SIMtrace Hardware =

This page is dedicated to the Hardware for Osmocom [wiki:SIMtrace], which looks like this:

Image(simtrace_10_front.jpg, 33%)

STATUS: We have received the first batch of 100 units from the SMT factory (Version v1.0p)

Schematics, Gerber & Co

The schematics, Gerber files, etc. can be found in the 'hardware' subdirectory of the simtrace.git repository: * (web browsing * git:// (git clone URL)

We're using Kicad as EDA tool. Most of the work on the schematics and Gerber files has been done by Kevin Redon,
based on the original design by Harald Welte.

The latest schematics are also available as an attachment to this page.

=== Revisions ===

=== v1.0p (1.0 Production branch) ===

This is identical to v1.0 on the schematics side, we simply altered the footprints of some components to accommodate
whatever the SMT factory had in stock. Specifically the LED are 0805 instead of 0603, and the shottky diodes are
in a slightly awkward looking very large package.

Downloads: * FIXME

=== v1.0 ===

This is the first stable release. We built some 5 prototypes from this version.

Downloads: * Image(simtrace_schem_v10.pdf) * Image(

=== v0.9 ===

As of June 04, 2011 the components had all arrived and four PCBs were in production. We assemble the first
units around June 14, 2011.

As of June 21st, we had four re-worked prototypes that are fully functional.

=== v0.8 ===

Never really was an official release. However, a friend took the unfinished Gerber files and built 5 units.

Since the Gerber was not finished, we had to do lots and lots of re-work in order to make them work at all.


Schematics and Gerber files are released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA (Share Alike / Attribution) license.


Once the design is finished and verified, the produced units are going to be sold through the upcoming web-shop of sysmocom GmbH ([])

Sales are expected to commence in mid August. Units will be available during the 2011 CCC Camp.

Credits * Harald Welte * Original project idea, schematic design * Olimex SAM7-P64 based prototypes * Firmware and host software * Kevin Redon * KiCAD work on schematics, footprints and routing * Soldering of some prototypes * [ sysmocom - systems for mobile communications GmbH] * funding for hardware prototyping (PCB, components, etc) * Christian Daniel * post-production flashing + debugging, design + test of v1.0p rework
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