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= The Osmocom TETRA project =

This project aims at practical research and experimentation with the [wiki:TETRA]
trunked radio system.

It is part of the bigger family of [ Osmocom] projects,
all aiming to create Free Software (Open Source Software) for mobile communications.


'''NOTE: Please observe the [wiki:Legal_Notes]''' before using this software!

== Software Defined Radio TETRA Air interface sniffer ==

The [wiki:osmo-tetra] project aims at implementing the sending and
receiving part of the TETRA MAC/PHY layer.

Currently, it can
* receive, demodulate and decode TETRA downlink signals of real-world TETRA networks
* display information about SYNC, SYSINFO, MM and CMCE PDUs
* forward those TETRA downlink signals to the [ wireshark] protocol analyzer
* forward IP packets contained in TETRA SNDCP to a local {{{tun/tap}}} device

== Research on Motorola Dimetra EBTS ==

We are currently investigating the hardware and software architecture of the [wiki:Dimetra_EBTS Motorola Dimetra EBTS],
including its components like Base Radio, Site Controller, etc.

The goal here is to run this equipment without a Motorla SwMI and thus have an inexpensive platform for running
your own TETRA network for research purpose.

== Applied Research on security of real-world TETRA networks ==

Using the tools we develop, we are analyzing the security of real-world TETRA networks.

Our experience so far is quite shocking: All the non-government TETRA networks that we
have encountered use no TETRA encryption at all, i.e. they are subject to very easy
eavesdropping attacks.

More information will follow soon.

== Osmocom TETRA software ==
* [wiki:osmo-tetra] - Our software defined radio TETRA receiver

TETRA related hardware ==
* [wiki:Funcube_Dongle] - A small receiver that can be used with [wiki:osmo-tetra]
* [wiki:Dimetra_EBTS] - Information on the Motorola Dimetra EBTS
* [wiki:Rohde_Schwarz_BSC411] - Information on the R&S BICK TETRA BSC
* [wiki:Rohde_Schwarz_TOB500] - Information on the R&S BICK TETRA Outdoor BTS 500
* [wiki:Antenna_LNA] - Antenna and LNAs suitable for TETRA

== Press Coverage ==
* (German)

= Further Reading =
* [wiki:FAQ] - Our Frequently Asked Questions
* [wiki:Recommended_Reading] -- Links to recommended books, articles, etc.
* [wiki:TETRA_in_Germany] -- Information we collect about TETRA networks in Germany
* [wiki:Talks_Lectures] -- Talks / Lectures given by the osmocomTETRA project
* [wiki:Speech_Codec] -- Information on how to find specs + reference code of the TETRA speech codec
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