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06:38 PM OsmoBSC Revision abf03a1d (osmo-bsc): timeslot_fsm: Name TS FSM instances on allocation.
Before this patch FSM instances of configured but not connected BTS's
look like this:
FSM Instance Name: 'timeslot[0x...
06:38 PM OsmoBSC Revision 29993a91 (osmo-bsc): chan_alloc: Fix typo in a comment.
Change-Id: Iaed3fcd99ec8c08faa75e23af5b50a1d0e0905eb
06:37 PM OsmoBSC Revision ca3b18c4 (osmo-bsc): paging: Remove obsolete comment.
I beleive MSC split is finished a long time ago and everything is
already re-wired for the A-interface.
Change-Id: I...


03:57 PM OsmoTRX Bug #4679: osmo-trx: Add rate-ctr for clipping
Good idea about adding stats for this.
But please do not remove this log output - it's useful when debugging. Just...


09:42 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #4629: statically configured Gb interface not recovering after SGSN restart
Does OsmoSGSN/OsmoPCU support actual static Gb configuration? When we tried to configure that on the OsmoPCU/OsmoGbPr...


06:54 PM OsmoBSC Feature #2969: obtain and store subscriber identity
I just want to add here that while an MSC may send this - it doesn't have to. E.g. in our case we don't see these mes...


06:09 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4592: osmo-bts-trx: make sure that handover detection works
laforge wrote:
> ipse wrote:
> > I think this is important for USSD menus which are going over SDCCH and might ...
06:05 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4586: osmo-bts-trx leaks memory
Actually, observing it for a couple of days, it looks like there is no memory leak. The memory grows slowly for the f...
02:45 PM OsmoTRX Feature #4583: generate tx-power correlation table values for different sdr boards
Just a quick question without looking into the patches. Is there a compatibility with the old semantic of specifying ...
02:39 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4592: osmo-bts-trx: make sure that handover detection works
laforge wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 02:27:26PM +0000, fixeria [REDMINE] wrote:
> > * sending handover RACH on ...

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