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02:37 PM OsmoMGW Revision 8061cd09 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_client: allow to reset endpoints on startup
Depending on the usecase of osmo_mpcg_client it may be helpful to send a
DLCX to certain endpoints. Usually this woul...
01:46 PM OsmoMGW Revision a8739fc7 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_lient: remove unsubstantial FIXME note
Change-Id: Ibc73a8a95d93c4a0f8a891bfba6fd1293ae6f1b5
01:34 PM OsmoMGW Revision 21dfeff8 (osmo-mgw): remove struct member wildcarded_req from struct mgcp_endpoint
The struct member bool wildcarded_req is no longer needed
Change-Id: Iabd2df8f0f8fcce964af647e3a6d8e4c3006ab29
01:33 PM OsmoMGW Revision f486e741 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_protocol: add support for wildcarded DLCX
The request handler handle_delete_con currently rejects wildcarded DLCX
requests even though a wildcarded DLCX would ...


09:16 AM OsmoMGW Revision 41d59205 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_protocol: refactor function create_response_with_sdp
The function create_response_with_sdp calls add_params, which is rather short.
The code in there can also be put in c...
09:16 AM OsmoMGW Revision 036612b0 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_msg: add trunk parameter to mgcp_check_param for logging
There is not always an endp pointer present when mgcp_check_param() is
called but we always have a trunk pointer. Let...


03:00 PM OsmoMGW Revision 6bad138c (osmo-mgw): mgcp_ratectr: add stats items to monitor trunk usage
We are currently counting events in rate counters, but there is
currently no way to get a sample of the current situa...
03:00 PM OsmoMGW Revision 8dc35970 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_protocol: refactor MGCP request handling
At the moment the MGCP request handling and message parsing is not
clearly separated. The function mgcp_parse_header(...
02:34 PM OsmoMGW Revision d70eef64 (osmo-mgw): mgcp_trunk: use unsigned int instead of int as trunk_nr
the trunk_nr is in struct mgcp_trunk. The trunk number can not be
negative and there is no magic value that makes use...
12:26 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 702a3211 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): MGCP_Test: test DLCX request to non existant endpoint
Since we now support wildcarded DLCX request, which so not necessarly
require a specific endpoint (the trunk is enoug...

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