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10:50 PM libosmocore Bug #3647 (New): stat_items report unit as type to statsd
When sending a statsd metric we need to specify a type for statsd which can mainly be "g"auge, "c"ounter, "t"imer.
10:41 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3646 (New): debian package does not include meas-vis tool
meas-json is built and packaged into osmo-bsc-meas-utils, but the curses visualization is not built and not packaged ...


10:04 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3642 (New): logging filter imsi leaks bsc_subscr references
The function log_set_filter_bsc_subscr is called by vty command "logging filter imsi <imsi>". This function calls bsc...
09:58 PM OsmoBSC Feature #3641 (New): Make "logging filter imsi " work for (currently) unknown subscribers
osmo-bsc only allows filtered logging base on IMSI it already knows. We should change this so a log filter can also b...
09:42 PM libosmocore Bug #3640 (New): Logging broken in network:osmocom:latest builds
Filtering by log level is broken in the current libosmocore latest packages (Tried with Debian 9)
As soon as you s...


12:14 PM osmo-sip-connector Wiki edit: Howto (#6)
Change the mncc socket path to reflect that osmo-sip-connector connects to the msc


06:08 PM OsmoBTS Bug #2975: OsmoBTS doesn't generate measurement indications in absence of uplink bursts
dexter wrote:
> TC_meas_res_sign_sdcch4
> TC_meas_res_sign_sdcch8
> This is presumably a problem with the test...


03:43 PM osmo-sip-connector Bug #1684: osmo-sip-connector: Create manual for the osmo-sip-connector
Commit for VTY reference and manual for review here:


05:41 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #3491 (In Progress): OsmoSGSN TTCN-3 tests are almost all failing
It seems that commit 51114d1d9b1c03b3a7a35dd3c98416897c2c7755 is the first to breaks the SGSN tests....
02:21 PM OsmoMGW Wiki edit: OsmoMGW (#13)

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