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05:54 PM OsmoPCU Bug #1940 (In Progress): implement T3141 - Timeout after Send Immediate assign for TBF
Should be implemented here: Implement T3141
TODO: I may want to reu...
05:12 PM OsmoPCU Revision 39f84aec (osmopcu): Implement T3141
Related: OS#1940
Change-Id: I154984b835b2b436b1ebe4631a8afcebb7338c65
03:33 PM OsmoPCU Revision 65ab6513 (osmopcu): Split ul_tbf alloc on CCCH into new function
This allows more easily finding when this specific scenario happens, and
can easily be compared against the PACCH one...
03:10 PM OsmoPCU Revision 63e7e8d2 (osmopcu): Rename function s/tbf_alloc_ul_pacch/tbf_alloc_ul_pacch/
Change-Id: I70ca0b5be0a29a05c6e65b9c92cc6d3b5c43d3dc
02:34 PM OsmoPCU Bug #1940: implement T3141 - Timeout after Send Immediate assign for TBF
T3141 seems to be referenced in osmo-bsc, but is never used:...
12:57 PM OsmoPCU Bug #5149 (New): osmo-pcu fails to allocate all DL-TBF possible slots under specific scenario
The issue is shown by TTCN3 PCU_Tests.TC_dl_multislot_tbf_ms_class_from_sgsn, where 4 slots are allocated to the DL T...
09:21 AM OsmoPCU Revision 393484a5 (osmopcu): Simplify helper function tbf_select_slot_set()
Store direction check to simplify the code.
Get rid of 2-step LOGP to avoid multi-row logs in gsmtap log.


09:00 AM OsmoSGSN Revision 8969db7a (osmo-sgsn): gtp: Delete ctx upon receive UpdateCtxResp with cause Non-existent
Related: SYS#5435
Change-Id: Ic5f682a79663acc65fd364dd7a3a7cc554534414


06:28 PM libosmocore Revision a5af0447 (libosmocore): gb: Fix missing exporting symbol bssgp_encode_rim_pdu
The symbol was not in the list of exported symbols.
Change-Id: I4c3792c3b22989571548e40aa4fbf26912e699df
05:48 PM OsmoPCU Revision 828ad8d1 (osmopcu): RIM: Refactor Rx path to decode stack in proper order
Previous implementation of the Rx path was first checking the APP ID
before checking the lower layer (container type)...

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