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11:50 AM OsmoTRX Feature #1929 (Feedback): drop libdl dependency
PAtch removing -ldl in We can close this issue after it is merged.
10:38 AM Servers Feature #2833 (New): Add irc bot to log #osmocom (freenode) channel and archive the logs in some ...
Also update the channel description to contain a link to the irc log archive.
09:00 AM Servers Wiki edit: Jenkins_Node_Setup (#30)


05:54 PM OsmoTRX Bug #2828: some osmo-trx tests failing in i586 OBS machine
For the convolve_test, there seems to be small rounding issues between code used in here (i686) and x86_64:...
04:15 PM OsmoTRX Bug #2721: OsmoTRX build verification job for arm
I finally enabled some parts in to download a prebuilt image from somewhere else instead of building it wit...
04:01 PM OsmoTRX Bug #2828 (In Progress): some osmo-trx tests failing in i586 OBS machine
Timeval test should be fixed in already merged osmo-trx 28ce315a3225188211c2ed52844716f88093035e.
10:49 AM OsmoTRX Revision 28ce315a (osmotrx): tests: TimevalTest: refactor and avoid double comparison
Before this patch, the experession assert(then_secondws==then.seconds())
was failing in x86 architecture (and passing...
09:47 AM OsmoTRX Revision 10d76b68 (osmotrx): tests: SocketsTest: Fail test on write fail
Change-Id: Ib6b778a2225339ebd2eaa80b3fca6ee8d8646b23
09:46 AM OsmoTRX Revision 708b8b44 (osmotrx): tests: SocketsTest: Avoid hang forever if test fails
Change-Id: Ia95e216a2ab6d397ab02c828b70f2b95d1671257
09:35 AM OsmoTRX Revision cb0fc9b2 (osmotrx): tests: SocketTests: Pick OS-assigned instead of setting one manually
This fixes failures if the port is already being taken by other apps or
if this test is run several times concurrentl...

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