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03:51 PM OsmoMSC Bug #4017: MSC fails to handle calls
log and pcap file at the time of call failure. Please ignore the first pcap file as it is cut short.
03:26 AM OsmoMSC Bug #4017 (New): MSC fails to handle calls
Osmo-MSC fails to handle calls sometimes after the phone has been registered to the network.
The following is the ...


10:28 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #3937: Iu: verify handling of GMM Service Request (data)when no PDP Context present.
Some phones like iPhone 4 is unable to open data connection after this patch.
Attached are the logs from osmo-sgsn...


10:07 AM OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug #3997 (New): Retransmit queue is not cleared
osmo-ggsn slowly fills its retransmit queue every few minutes, but queued items are not removed.
following is the ...


09:25 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #3727: SGSN segfaults on network type change
lynxis wrote:
> Can you create a backtrace when this problem happens (gdb cli: bt). It would be also nice if you can...
12:55 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #3969 (New): Fix sgsn_ranap_iu_event() returning error on SECURITY_MODE_COMPLETE
sgsn_ranap_iu_event() is returning an erroneous value even when the command is processed properly. Fixed to remove un...


12:07 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #3727: SGSN segfaults on network type change
ctx->iu.ue_ctx is null at the time of crash


11:29 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #3727 (New): SGSN segfaults on network type change
When the phone changes its network type between GSM and UMTS osmo-sgsn crashes with the following log:
<0012> gprs...


02:57 PM osmo-sip-connector Bug #3724 (New): Wrong media format used in SIP INVITE causes one-way audio
osmo-sip-connector from the latest git repository specifies wrong audio codec in SIP INVITE message.
When using os...


01:14 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3707: nanoBTS fails to start
pespin wrote:
> can you please test following patch and provide feedback saying if it solves the issue with your nan...

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