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05:41 PM OsmoHLR Revision de50b201 (osmo-hlr): osmo-hlr-db-tool: Make import from osmo-nitb less "lossy"
Include the IMEI and the last seen time in an import from
an osmo-nitb database.
Change-Id: Ic47e549be3551ae43ab6a84...
08:47 AM osmo-sip-connector Bug #1683: osmo-sip-connector: Implement codec selection / move codec selection to osmo-msc
I pushed a patch to for the sipcon side.


12:43 PM OsmoMSC Revision 192fefe5 (osmo-msc): Don't Store an SMS in the database when the ESME is not Bound
We may never be able to deliver this SMS if it depends on the ESME, as we will
not resubmit the SMS to the ESME. Bett...


09:21 AM OsmoPCU Bug #2455: MS will not be able to use data service if we let the MS idle about 30 seconds after PDP context activated
It would be nice to test this Lenovo again now that a patch re #4506 is merged.
09:14 AM OsmoPCU Bug #4506: MediaTek MT6*** will not initiate Packet Access
Yes, thanks for the two updates.
Just to note that I wrote that about "today" re the PBCCH back some months ago wh...


10:28 PM OsmoPCU Bug #4506: MediaTek MT6*** will not initiate Packet Access
Pushed proposed fix:
10:18 PM OsmoSGSN Revision 6d92f148 (osmo-sgsn): Fix Radio Priority in MM Attach and PDP Context Activation
3GPP TS 24.008 Section Radio Priority states that the Radio Priority IE is
3 bits as follows:


10:01 AM OsmoPCU Bug #4506 (In Progress): MediaTek MT6*** will not initiate Packet Access


06:53 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4757 (Feedback): osmo-bts-sysmo-remote for L1 forwarding not operational
This is since commit 2ff4592ffc, reverting that commit restores operation.
I'm not 100% sure what's happening, but...


03:55 PM OsmoMSC Bug #4735 (Resolved): sms.db is created in cwd, which from systemd's point of view is /

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