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06:37 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #3268: execute TTCN3 test suites against "latest" feeds
Can't you use:
From the online help:
Block build if...


03:43 PM Servers Feature #2830: migrate to redmine
ack. I will probably start with the cgit.


03:49 AM OsmocomBB Feature #2555: script interface to OsmocomBB "mobile"
Slow progress in general:
* MO-/MT-Calls: I think we can and should just use the external MMCC interface
* MO/MT-...
03:46 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #2558 (In Progress): Scripts to manage thousands of "mobile" and hundreds of osmo-bts-virtual instances
Progress was slow... but I have the first integration into proper gsm tester and the next steps are:
* Build virtp...


01:21 PM Servers Bug #3471 (New): not starting all services on reboot. didn't respond, ICMP echo didn't respond either. Hetzner didn't have a know outage for this and I use...
01:11 PM Servers Bug #3463 (New): Update cgit to version 1.2.1
I had to reboot and after a manual "docker-compose start" it seems we are back to a vulnerable vers...


10:11 AM Servers Bug #3463 (Resolved): Update cgit to version 1.2.1
Directory traversal through http cloning (which we have enabled) in versions < 1.2.1. We should update soonish.


07:03 PM OsmocomBB Feature #2555 (In Progress): script interface to OsmocomBB "mobile"
I considered tunneling MNCC over the existing "EventServer" socket but I think there is very little point in doing it...


04:14 PM Servers Bug #3312: x509 certificate expires in ~11 days
Okay. There are too many comments in the pf.conf. I might have commented it out for the gerrit rsync (but I think I d...
05:39 AM Servers Bug #3312: x509 certificate expires in ~11 days
Strange. As SMTP worked but port 40 didn't respond.. I wondered if the disk controller hanged itself again and reboot...

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