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12:34 AM gr-osmosdr Revision 911082ff (gr-osmosdr): disable OsmoSDR as well as MiriSDR device support
The actual osmosdr had only a very limited production run many years
ago and is therefore of little interest to most ...
12:20 AM gr-osmosdr Revision dadabece (gr-osmosdr): cmake: actually make linking work
Appending to lists from subdirs does not work as expected, so work
around that to allow collecting the necessary libs.


10:30 PM gr-osmosdr Bug #4584 (Resolved): boost deprecated boost/detail/endian.hpp
Merged as of 552378ebe3176ec8642e8e2c4cd73dcf5a11ae14.
09:48 PM rtl-sdr Revision ed0317e6 (rtl-sdr): cmake: populate pkgconfig file with prefix
Previously the prefix and related paths were not set.


09:28 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 5fcfc49d (osmo-ccid-firmware): relax the timeouts
High baud rates lead to incredibly small wait times that are infeasible
as long as software timers are being used, bu...
09:28 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision aed26cc9 (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid: support warm reset
Change-Id: I4b0a119afcb37edb1d30badc85834165883a12b5
09:28 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 91f75ce2 (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid: handle timeouts
Empty trays caused a hang, because the timeout was not handled. This
fixes this, and allows manual voltage selection ...
09:28 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision bf21f24a (osmo-ccid-firmware): Enable timers
Timers should now work as expected
Change-Id: I2600a6c29688bd9270a69ffe764815937ad6f889
09:28 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 6d3b2fcf (osmo-ccid-firmware): handle card ejection during poweron/wait for ATR
Change-Id: Ied51af8f37ddad32e3d1464134c22ee4929c5f4e
05:03 PM OsmoTRX Revision d3541383 (osmotrx): ipc: fix driver test restart
Change-Id: Id21f773d365f2e70129e1d463cf87b1213718be7

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