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03:34 PM OsmoTRX Revision c27fe60a (osmo-trx): add hidden fn adjustment command
This is only useful if the rf path delays the signal by at least one
frame, and therefore a fairly experimental comma...


05:42 PM libosmocore Bug #5141 (New): gsmtap sinks for local addresses !=
Using different gsmtap ips is useful to distinguish traffic from multiple sources (just like for the cni components),...
04:08 PM OsmoBTS Bug #5140 (New): maxdly config parameter constrained to 0-31
osmo-trx searches within + -8 symbols, but then ignores hits in the first or last 3 due to papr calculations, so the ...


06:05 PM OsmocomBB Bug #5133 (New): mishandling of the sacch l1 header
Osmocombb complains about unsupported lapdm sapi=4 messages in the downlink, looking at the wireshark capture it's ob...


03:08 PM SIMtrace 2 Bug #5081: simtrace2 doesn't build for ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10 and debian9
I've had to prune strings to make it fit a year ago, and as the related ticket points out selectively disabling usele...


05:54 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 0b1a3b41 (simtrace2): cardem: choose a more reasonable default ATR
PCSCd does not like invalid ATRs
Change-Id: I1eebfdc06be55931c2e80e2b515ac3a559737c38
04:16 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 9316890a (simtrace2): firmware: allow verbose builds
make V=1 can be used to echo all compilation commands, which is useful
because it allows IDEs to parse the gcc output...
04:16 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 19cd3b0f (simtrace2): firmware: do not allow undefined symbols
For some reason undefined symbols were downgraded to warnings, which
means building a firmware that calls missing fun...


11:44 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #4577: centos packages pulled from the opensuse factory have unmet dependencies
I don't know anything about ulfius or why it's required, but at the time it prevented easy installs of "all packages"...


11:09 PM SIMtrace 2 Bug #4430: firmware can get in endless out-of-memory loop on OUT EP flood
Can probably be fixed by (not) touching RX_DATA_BKx so the ep naks further communication attempts by the host, there ...

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