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06:42 PM OP25 Revision dc5b77ff (op25): thx boatbod
04:23 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision 71affced (libgtpnl): Allocate global context for TypesTest
Missing allocation leads to LSAN error:
==24997==ERROR: LeakSanitizer: detected memory leaks
Indirect leak of 230 by...
04:23 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision 2141962b (libgtpnl): Fix sanitizer build
Add sanitizer flags to linker as well to resolve linker error.
Change-Id: I695baaf8ce78ed938f6f71c40d17120fa690338b


04:09 PM OP25 Revision ee399ed9 (op25): multi_tx: 2 bugfixes


05:07 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision 3e659ea9 (libgtpnl): Fix to match jenkins job axis filter
The 'yes/no' values are automatically converted to True/False upon
jenkins job instantiation. Let's use those directl...
03:37 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision 00fd0df0 (libgtpnl): Don't access TBF internals in vty functions
Obtain corresponding window object of UL/DL TBF by using proper accessor
function instead of direct access to private...
02:29 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision 9d7357e4 (libgtpnl): TBF: unify EGPRS window calculation
Move actual calculation into shared function and use it to set window
size for TBF. TBT test output requires cosmetic...
02:29 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision d0532b53 (libgtpnl): TBF-DL: move priority computation into function
Improve readability by moving priority computation into separate
Change-Id: Icdca0106a544036eaa94a25f0d4f8...
02:29 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision ea98b7d7 (libgtpnl): TBF: move window parameters to UL/DL level
The UL and DL TBF use different classes implementing window
management. Hence it's better to use it explicitly instea...
02:29 PM Linux Kernel GTP-U Revision 7d32f55e (libgtpnl): Avoid code duplication in TBF test
Move repetitive checks into corresponding macros to avoid copy-pasted
code. This also enables strickter checks some o...

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