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04:05 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 18684881 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): BTS: add test cases for Downlink and Uplink speech frames
Change-Id: I8d301dfa47c11d9314cdfca8adadcbcb4eee798d
04:05 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision dd228c43 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): BTS: equip ConnHdlr with the RTP emulation component
Change-Id: Icb04cb73d8d55eb75edc2af2f18bb99d2c3f24a5
12:36 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 343c9eba (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): BSC: fix channel combinatiron for TS5 in phys_chan_config
In the configuration file, that we use for ttcn3-bsc-test, TS5 is
configured to TCH/H. However, f_ts_reset_chcomb() ...


04:05 PM OsmoBSC Revision dfd7bef6 (osmo-bsc): lchan_fsm: fix potential NULL-pointer dereference
Change-Id: I373855b95f8bde0ce8f9c2ae7bf95c9135d33484
Related: SYS#5526


12:07 PM OsmoBTS Revision a5602d59 (osmo-bts): gsm_lchan_interf_meas_calc_band(): also print number of AVG samples
Change-Id: I4cebb0c5eef16f7e20fce85c506fc271127d7259
12:07 PM OsmoBTS Revision 454a2516 (osmo-bts): rsl: use tlvp_val16be() in rsl_rx_ipac_XXcx()
Instead of using tlvp_val16_unal() and then doing ntohs() here
and there, convert the remote port to the host byte or...
12:07 PM OsmoBTS Revision 471df615 (osmo-bts): manuals/abis/rsl.adoc: clarify RF Resource Indication conformance
Change-Id: Ia582c55c3c20f1f91993b3113d77ef2f34ca2eda
Related: SYS#5313, OS#1569


06:28 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4823: osmo-bts-trx sends dummy bursts (instead of BFI) in the absence of RTP frames
Here is a quick and simple solution (better than nothing): osmo-bts-...
06:07 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4823 (In Progress): osmo-bts-trx sends dummy bursts (instead of BFI) in the absence of RTP frames


07:07 PM OsmoSGSN Revision e9336a72 (osmo-sgsn): doc/manuals: update configuration.adoc to use new command syntax
The old command is deprecated since [1] has been merged.
Change-Id: Iac985f373de98206fdfb3196295ebec160189780

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