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05:29 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #4957: ttcn3-sip-test is broken since 15 Dec 2021
I constantly see the following error in the output of osmo-sip-connector:...


03:59 PM OsmoBTS Revision af48e77f (osmo-bts): power_control: add test for inc / red step size limitations
Change-Id: Ic2d4e144b0319d86daa9fbe38727b892081f0c37
Related: SYS#4918


11:24 PM OsmoTRX Revision 819cad17 (osmotrx): Transceiver: fix integer division in addRadioVector()
By default, C/C++ compiler does assume integer division. The
lack of explicit cast to 'double' causes the transceive...
10:54 PM OsmoBTS Revision dc61d603 (osmo-bts): vty: add expert commands for MS/BS power control
These new commands are useful for debugging MS/BS power control
loops, e.g. one can change power control mode, overwr...
10:54 PM OsmoBTS Revision f416e5a0 (osmo-bts): vty: make commands related to the loopback mode hidden
The loopback mode was added for testing, and may be dangerous if
enabled in production. Let's make it appear only in...
10:06 PM OsmoBTS Revision 510a4781 (osmo-bts): vty: extend trx / lchan number range in BTS_T_T_L_CMD
Change-Id: I8d8a4c46909daa0f2682d9662db8dffb4fbd8422
10:06 PM OsmoBTS Revision 66637c68 (osmo-bts): vty: add macro for 'bts <0-0> trx <0-0> ts <0-7> lchan <0-1>'
Change-Id: If8e1ee87366a0d301e21161f2d9ddde8383cb744
10:06 PM OsmoBTS Revision 2627c281 (osmo-bts): vty: fix error messages in lchan specific commands
Change-Id: Ic0fba0605fc8a3ffa044f65fdad03b95e7cd8331
10:04 PM OsmoBTS Revision 66f76223 (osmo-bts): power_control: fix: properly print 'delta' applied to attenuation
Change-Id: I178df05c1a4cb982279b21d07bd69f75b44928da
Related: SYS#4918
10:04 PM OsmoBTS Revision 3e1dad2a (osmo-bts): power_control: print current RxLev and lower/upper thresholds
This makes the logging messages easier to read and understand.
Change-Id: I5f8c987054b2b01acdb9f525d06ca15bbc577070

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