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07:04 PM M.2 (NGFF) WWAN modem USB breakout board Bug #4782: ngff-breakount doesn't work for RM500Q
mschramm wrote:
> Instead of providing one M2 screw of 3mm, two M2 screws of 2mm and an unsoldered stand-off would...
12:50 PM OsmoMSC Bug #4830: LU reject when no authentication data in HLR but "authentication optional"
On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 02:46:26PM +0000, neels [REDMINE] wrote:
> The MSC part invokes the VLR part and passes in fl...


02:55 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision aadd9956 (simtrace2): remove old pre-autoconf makefile
Change-Id: Icd519a69a5cb1950daa79df4d9864e8dea091289
02:55 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 0bb58e0b (simtrace2): Update README
it has been long out of date.
Change-Id: I1137f33c5647f4d57a44224ee7259f3496edf1c4
02:48 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision b1a56e0f (simtrace2): rename simtrace2-remsim to simtrace2-cardem-pcsc
This renaming is to avoid any confusion with the osmo-remsim
project, living in its separate git repository.
The sim...
02:48 PM SIMtrace 2 Revision 80b8877a (simtrace2): remove usb2udp
The UDP based forwarding really only ever was a quick hack to
demonstrate the capabilities.
Meanwhile, we've had the...


08:30 PM M.2 (NGFF) WWAN modem USB breakout board Bug #4782: ngff-breakount doesn't work for RM500Q
On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 06:28:01PM +0000, mschramm [REDMINE] wrote:
> Just created two deviations from the NGFF/M.2 l...
06:02 PM OsmocomBB Wiki edit: HardwareCP210xTutorial (#10)
link to a more maintained version of cp210x-program than the old
06:01 PM OsmocomBB Bug #4834 (New): package cp210x-program as part of network:osmocom:{nightly,latest}
The cp210x-program utility is used to program the CP210x cables with custom baud rates.


08:52 PM OsmoBSC Bug #4832 (In Progress): osmo-bsc hard-releases lchan if no MSC is found
As described in #4829:
So.... the problem is something else altogether, or at least a large part of the problem.

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