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03:00 PM Servers Feature #3078: migate gerrit to new server
On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 01:23:25PM +0000, zecke [REDMINE] wrote:
> Maybe we can make it configurable in the upstream ...


08:25 PM Servers Bug #2332 (Feedback): Compiler bug in current jenkins' ARM compiler
is this still an issue? What about my comment 9 months ago?
08:24 PM Servers Bug #3088 (New): ttcn3/titan build slaves not yet generated by ansible
Whether or not the TTCN-3 jobs are generated by JJB (not yet), it's important that we can finally generate all our bu...
08:20 PM Servers Bug #2910 (Feedback): jenkins: update the jenkins ssh key for osmo-gsm-tester-rnd /
what do you need to get this done?
08:19 PM Servers Feature #3077: migrate git / cgit / gitosis to new server
cgit configuration is a bit more tricky. As is the restriction to public repositories.
08:16 PM Servers Feature #3079 (In Progress): migrate jenkins to new server
currently rsync'ing existing data+config (from a script, so it can be repeated).
08:15 PM Servers Feature #3080 (Stalled): migrate nginx dispatcher to new server
I would say it's mostly done. Was surprisingly easy.
What's pending is of course to change the "upstream" locatio...
07:01 PM Servers Feature #3087 (New): migrate to new server
this includes
* a separate git-daemon (could possibly be merged with normal setup)
* a separate t...
07:00 PM Servers Feature #3086 (New): configure backup for new osmocom server
Before we go in production and/or migrate all services, we need to have backup in place (most likely rs-backup-suite)...
06:58 PM Servers Feature #3085 (New): where to migrate openmok-backup?
This is currently eating up most of our disk consumption. The new server has 500GB RAID-1 SSD but no bulk HDD space.

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