05:44 PM OsmoHLR Bug #4312 (New): GSUP keepalives / connection loss detection
In the presence of unreliable back-haul mesh between villages, the GSUP
connection can also not be seen as reliable....
01:33 PM libosmocore Feature #4311 (New): blocking stderr output inhibits the program?
I'm currently using urxvt (rxvt-unicode) as terminal program (not sure why, but...)
and I am every now and then seei...
12:04 PM Distributed GSM Feature #4307 (In Progress): test routing SMS-over-GSUP in DGSM


11:15 AM osmo-sip-connector Bug #4310 (New): sends BYE to self
During analysis of a pcap of a short call, I noticed that the final SIP ACK as well as BYE goes back to its own addre...


04:08 PM Distributed GSM Feature #4309 (In Progress): MOSS stage 2 review item: mslookup mDNS: add IANA permitted TLD to the mslookup queries
add '' or '' or '' to the URL string sent in mDNS queries.
We coul...
02:04 PM Distributed GSM Support #4308 (New): thoughts about incorporating credit / billing in D-GSM
it is not a priority to really implement a working setup, but we should have a bit of a plan for the future, to not b...
01:59 PM Distributed GSM Feature #4307 (In Progress): test routing SMS-over-GSUP in DGSM
route an SMS via osmo-hlr directly to the target MSC and see what happens.
01:58 PM Distributed GSM Feature #4306 (New): GSUP proxy cache: store data persistently
when we store auth tuples (#4305), even a local power outage should retain those tuples in the proxy.
- ...
01:56 PM Distributed GSM Feature #4305 (New): GSUP proxy: cache auth tuples to re-use / fall back to simpler auth methods
if a link goes away, we'd like to still allow continued operation for some time.
- we don't want to repl...


11:02 PM OsmoHLR Bug #4303: various minor issues about evaluation of rc = db_subscr_get_by_*()
also show error in subscriber_msisdn_cmd...

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