The Osmocom project is an umbrella project regarding Open source mobile communications. This includes software and tools implementing a variety of mobile communication standards, including GSM, DECT, TETRA and others.

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Latest news

OsmocomTETRA: Student sentenced to jail for showing TETRA insecurity
A Slovenian student has been sentenced to jail for showing that the Slovenian TETRA network was operating insecurely, using OsmocomTETRA and rtl-sdr.
Added by laforge about 1 month ago

Cellular Infrastructure: migration from trac to redmine completed migrates from trac to redmine
Added by laforge 3 months ago

Cellular Infrastructure: TelcoSecDay: Importance of FOSS for cellular security
esterday the Osmocom project founder Harald Welte presented about Open Source Network Elements for Security Analysis of Mobile Networks at the "Troopers 2016 TelcoSecDay"
Added by laforge 3 months ago

OsmoPCU: OsmoPCU Gb/IP reference manual
Osmocom OsmoPCU now has an interface documentation about its implementation of the Gb/IP interface with its NS and BSSGP protocols.
Added by laforge 4 months ago

Cellular Infrastructure: Osmocom User Manuals released publicly
sysmocom GmbH has publicly released a set of User Manuals for Osmocom Software, including OsmoBTS, OsmoPCU, OsmoBSC, OsmoNITB, OsmoSGSN. They are available in PDF and asciidoc versions under GNU GFDL.
Added by laforge 4 months ago

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