The Osmocom project is an umbrella project regarding Open source mobile communications. This includes software and tools implementing a variety of mobile communication standards, including GSM, DECT, TETRA and others.

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The best starting point for 2G and 3G core network + BSS is the Cellular Network Infrastructure project's wiki.

Please also see the following other web sites which are not integrated into redmine:

In case you would like to support Osmocom financially, we have set up an opencollective account at

Latest news

Distributed GSM: Distributed GSM: Merged to OsmoHLR
D-GSM is now available on the OsmoHLR master branch
Added by neels 2 months ago

Cellular Network Infrastructure: January 2020 Osmocom CNI releases
Added by pespin 6 months ago

SIM card related Projects: Video: SIM Card Technology from A to Z
Video: SIM Card Technology from A to Z
Added by laforge 6 months ago

Retro-Networking / BBS-Revival: Successful setup at #36C3
Successful operation of Retronetworking setup at #36C3
Added by laforge 6 months ago

Distributed GSM: Distributed GSM / Multicast MS Lookup
Osmocom is currently implementing Distributed GSM, joining services of independent core networks without centralised infrastructure
Added by neels 8 months ago

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