Bug #1640

Missing release field/length in MS RA capability container

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In case of MS RA Capability container "Content_t", there is no dedicated field to denote the existence of 3GPP release in the message. The encoder goes out of max length allowed for release supported and encodes incorrectly.
Example vector with failure:
vector1 = 40165e000000268ca2a050740440000000300b2b2b2b2b
vector2 = 40165e00000026d0a2a0507400000220000000180b2b2b
vector1 == vector2 : FALSE

For this, we shall have precomputed value of length to terminate the container encoding before calling Content_Dissector in csn1.cpp file. The pre computing length logic routine shall consider the presence of different 3GPP releases.

For example in case of release 5 RA capability message , encoder should be able to code only till release 5 fields . In case of release 6 RA capability, encoder must be able to code till release 6. This release information must be available to the encoder to calculate length. Decoder will set the release field based on the fields present in the message.


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the proposal seems fine to me. will your team be working on this?

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Currently no impact on the test scenarios. Hence low priority.

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