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Full BSC/MSC split in NITB/MSC

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In order to continuously test and use the AoverIP interface, we will need to split the NITB/MSC code and remove libbsc from it. Instead, add an AoIP interface that can talk to osmo-bsc. This will make the IuCS and the A/GERAN world align with each other and most likely mean we'll give up NITB altogether.

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While this has definitely been ongoing for a long time, it's hard to set a meaningful percentage.
Recent progress includes separation of gprs, bsc and msc subscribers on the openbsc master branch,
and combination of the 3G with VLR efforts.

On the 3G branch (sysmocom/iu), there is an OsmoMSC, i.e. an OsmoNITB without a BSC, that talks
to IuCS and has code stubs to add an A-interface, which will talk to the BSC. This OsmoMSC will
become the new main circuit-switched solution from Osmocom. For now it can only do 3G.

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