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osmo-gsm-manuals: update GSUP docs

Added by neels almost 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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GSUP used to be called "GPRS Subscriber Update Protocol" and its use was limited to the SGSN.
However, GSUP has since made it to libosmocore and was recoined as "Generic Subscriber Update Protocol".
It will be used by OsmoNITB / OsmoMSC.

In the osmo-gsm-manuals, edit the GSUP information to reflect these changes:
  • rename to 'Generic ...'
  • as client, don't assume it is always the SGSN

When the VLR #1592 is implemented: Possibly put these chapters elsewhere and/or also include in the OsmoNITB OsmoMSC manual.

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  • Description updated (diff)

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#3 Updated by neels over 2 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#4 Updated by neels about 2 years ago

GSUP should probably also be a common chapter between osmo-msc and osmo-sgsn manuals

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  • it is already a common chapter since
    commit 66c6dcce3ceb3f32d5043528cb126b7249d1b23b
    Author: Harald Welte <>
    Date:   Fri Jan 26 11:16:45 2018 +0100
        share chapters/gsup.adoc from OsmoSGSN to OsmoMSC + OsmoHLR
  • wording has also been updated in commits shortly thereafter
  • even current new messages like USSD are already documented

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