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Osmocom Developers
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OsmoDevCon was about the invitation-only developer part.

In order to avoid confusion about the public conference with its developer and user days and the invitation-only event, there should be a clear distinction also in naming. Let's try to clarify that soon.


#1 Updated by tnt about 2 years ago

Osmo{Dev,}Con ? (i.e. just drop the Dev part for the public event).

  • Here the 'Dev' part would be 'Developers' rather than 'Development' (i.e. limited group)
  • Answering a comment of the ML: The 'Com' part isn't really dropped, it's just played with a bit.

#2 Updated by neels about 2 years ago

another point was that a binary named "osmocon" exists:

hwelte wrote:

Unfortunately OSmocomBB already has an 'osmocon' program
(the osmocom console program).  Though the context should make it hard
to mix-up, the programmer in me likes to not overload the global
namespace ;)

I, personally, still tend towards OsmoCon as my favorite.

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Ok, then OsmoCon it is. We keep OsmoDevCon for the inivitation-only event.

OsmoCon regular public technical conference with talks about usage/administration/installation and developer topics for cellular infrastructure projects
OsmoDevCon invitation-only event with discussion/hackathon/presentations on full scope of Osmocom projects

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