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jenkins integration of m3ua-testtool

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The ETSI Test specifications for M3UA are published as TS 102 381 ( and implemented in m3ua-testtool (

We currently pass most of the (relevant) tests of m3ua-testtool, and it would be useful to have some kind of jenkins integration, where each new build is tested against those "known working" test cases.

The problem is (like any network related test) is that we can hardly make assumptions about the network configuration of the build node. Hence, it would be best to do this in a network namespace and exclude that test from executing on Platforms != Linux.

m3ua-testtool requires some local configuration (in the home of the user!) as well as guile (it's written in Scheme). Also, in order to test the SGW we need to run osmo-stp, also with respective configuration.

I can put together a set of m3ua-testtool and osmo-stp.cfg that will execute the tests (in a netns), but I would appreciate if somebody else could then look into the jenkins integration and the "bypass != Linux" side of things.


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After some deviation via docker (not working at all), I've now used a couple of simple shell scripts in combination with the 'unshare' command line tool to create + enter the namespace. tracks the related patch.

It would be great if somebody else more familiar with the jenkins setup could think of how to integrate this with jenkins. Both in terms of:
  • how to report the results to jenkins, as well as
  • how to actually call the related tests after/during compile testing of each patch, but only do so on GNU/Linux slave[s]
  • how to make sure that unshare, guile and {m3ua,sua}-testtool are present

Assigning this to neels, but that doesn't mean he has to do it at all. If alteholz or pespin or others familiar with our jenkins setup volunteer to work on this, I'd be delighted.

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Has been running for some weeks at

It's not stable, but investigating this is a separate ongoing issue.

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