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ofono: EC20: cannot send SMS

Added by neels over 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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When sending an SMS via ofono on the EC20 (/gobi_0, /gobi_3), the dbus calls look perfect, but no SMS ever reaches the NITB.
(It even stores and removes the pending SMS internally)

run-ec20-send-sms.tar.gz run-ec20-send-sms.tar.gz 149 KB pespin, 08/02/2017 12:29 PM
ofono.log.gz ofono.log.gz 301 KB pespin, 10/17/2017 11:51 AM


Bug #2473: update EC20 to a newer firmwareClosedlynxis


#1 Updated by neels over 2 years ago

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we've ordered more sierra wireless modems, so the focus is not on the EC20 for now; nevertheless I vaguely suspect that it would be nice to support the EC20 at some point.

#2 Updated by lynxis about 2 years ago

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Works for me.

#3 Updated by lynxis about 2 years ago

pespin: can you enable the Gobi2000 + EC20 tests?

#4 Updated by pespin about 2 years ago

I've changed for a local test the order in which tests are run to have an EC20 modem sending an sms to a SierraWireless modem (using test sms/

For EC20, powering up + registration seems to be working OK, but sending an sms doesn't work. The test times out waiting for the other MS (SierraW) to receive the sms.

I attach a run with osmo-gsm-tester content (log, pcap, etc.) and also ofono log with debug enabled for the time during the test was run.

#5 Updated by pespin about 2 years ago

  • Assignee changed from pespin to lynxis

Using the EC20 to receive SMS works well too, both from another MS and from an ESME (SMPP).

However, as stated in my last post, sending SMS with the EC20 is not working.
In case you want to test, you can use the manual-run-all jenkins job using the osmo-gsm-tester branch "pespin/ec20-send", which modifies the resources list to have the EC20 modem first. Then this one gets selected by the test to send an sms.

#6 Updated by lynxis about 2 years ago

I've tried to reproduce it. I would like to do a firmware update on the ec20. My EC20 has the version

'Manufacturer': <'Quectel'>, 'Model': <'EC20'>, 'Revision': <'EC20EQAR02A07E2G  1  [May 30 2016 16:18:41]'>

The rnd Version is:

'Manufacturer': <'Quectel'>, 'Model': <'EC20'>, 'Revision': <'EC20EQAR02A05E2G  1  [Mar 14 2016 19:33:01]'>

#7 Updated by laforge about 2 years ago

I've provided EC20EQAR02A09E2G at our internal software-lab share.

#8 Updated by pespin almost 2 years ago

It still fails. I attach a ofono log. Reminder: grep for "Raw Send" to see the error.

#9 Updated by lynxis almost 2 years ago

pespin: can you give me the exact message you're trying to send?

#10 Updated by pespin over 1 year ago

Message text: 'message nr. 1, from /sierra_1, to /sierra_2, from 1221, to 1222'

#11 Updated by pespin over 1 year ago

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