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osmo-gsm-tester: osmo-bts-trx: handle local TRX address as resource

Added by neels about 1 year ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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osmo-bts-trx starts on -- that should be handled as a resource like the nitb_iface.
So far that's only for osmo-bts-trx and will become an issue only for multiple osmo-bts-trx on the same tester unit.
Could be explicitly a trx_iface, or more generally, maybe a loopback_iface.


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with we have the ip_address resource. To have loopback addresses, we would add a property like 'type: loopback'; alternatively we can just run osmo-bts-trx on a public interface like the rest of the programs.

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Assigning to me as I started looking into this issue for sysmocell5000 support.

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I'm using a static IP for each BTS for now. This should be enough and helps us in various scenarios. For instance, Sysmocell5000 has TRX always enabled which means it's sending UDP packets to the osmo-bts-trx address. As that IP is static and it's used only when Sysmocell5000 resources it's used, it doesn't interfer with other osmo-bts-trx processes because they use a different IP.

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