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sccp-address nodes

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the SCCP level addresses. Unfortunately a SCC (called|calling) party
address is rather complex and hence it cannot easily be supplied by a
single VTY command. My idea is thus to add 'sccp-address' nodes,
where one can specify a SCCP address like this:

sccp-address my-bsc-addr
routing-indicator 1
point-code 2.3.1
subsystem-number 253
gti 4
digits 2342

The above vty code would become part of libosmo-sigtran, and the
BSC/MSC then can simply have a single vty line like
"bsc sccp-address my-bsc-addr"
and then call a function that resolves this address by it's
string-name "my-bsc-addr"


#1 Updated by dexter over 3 years ago

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#2 Updated by dexter over 3 years ago

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The addressbook is so far finished. I did not try it out in real life, but I will do this soon with the AoIP branch. The patches are up for review now: vty: additional nodes for sccp-address configuration sccp: add addressbook functionality for sccp addresses

#3 Updated by dexter over 3 years ago

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All patches made it into master now. Starting now to use the feature in osmo-msc

#4 Updated by laforge over 3 years ago

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