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simple way to add subscribers to HLR

Added by laforge 5 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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This could be via the VTY (similar to how it was done before) or by another means, but we should have a documented and straight-forward way to enter new subscribers into the database.

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#1 Updated by laforge 4 months ago

#2 Updated by neels 4 months ago

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My plan is to primarily add VTY commands more or less similar to OsmoNITB's subscriber commands.

Other nice-to-haves, possibly separate issues:
- add subscriber CTRL commands ( )
- migration script/program that translates an OsmoNITB database to an OsmoHLR database.

#3 Updated by neels 4 months ago

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#4 Updated by neels 3 months ago

on branch neels/subscr_vty, there is an enhancement+refactoring of the osmo-hlr db API to acommodate manipulating subscribers from the VTY (and CTRL), and extensive regression tests for the db API. There are initial implementations of VTY commands that still need VTY tests. Still pulling the commits apart into reviewable chunks and filling out the gaps. These patches should start hitting gerrit one of these days...

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depends on osmo-python-tests to add transcript based VTY testing,
and then the VTY commands are implemented in
All db API changes have been merged, except for

I will go on to change the basic enable-ps / disable-ps CTRL commands as described in
(not strictly part of this issue, but it matches the general flow before going back to the manual)

#7 Updated by neels 3 months ago

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The CTRL interface patch is still in review but looking good.
Resolving since CTRL is not actually related to adding subscribers.

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