Bug #2455

MS will not be able to use data service if we let the MS idle about 30 seconds after PDP context activated

Added by mqng2 almost 3 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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I have seen an issue with the Lenovo A916 smartphone when using osmo-pcu from HEAD of master branch (37e4c43a8d9a9b5e64a7dd19c5877d302b7887ac) in LC15 target.

If the phone does not use Internet right after PDP context ACT, the phone will be unable to use the Internet. It is also applied in case the phone waits for an amount of time after a first Web page loaded 100%

The PCU onfiguration is in below text:

Osmo-PCU# show running-config

Current configuration:
log stderr
logging filter all 1
logging color 1
logging print category 0
logging timestamp 0
logging level all everything
logging level csn1 info
logging level l1if info
logging level rlcmac info
logging level rlcmacdata notice
logging level rlcmacdl info
logging level rlcmacul debug
logging level rlcmacsched info
logging level rlcmacmeas info
logging level ns info
logging level bssgp info
logging level pcu info
logging level lglobal notice
logging level llapd notice
logging level linp notice
logging level lmux notice
logging level lmi notice
logging level lmib notice
logging level lsms notice
logging level lctrl notice
logging level lgtp notice
logging level lstats notice
logging level lgsup notice
logging level loap notice
logging level lss7 notice
logging level lsccp notice
logging level lsua notice
logging level lm3ua notice
logging level lmgcp notice
stats interval 5
line vty
no login
timer tns-block 3
timer tns-block-retries 3
timer tns-reset 3
timer tns-reset-retries 3
timer tns-test 30
timer tns-alive 3
timer tns-alive-retries 10
encapsulation udp local-port 23001
encapsulation framerelay-gre enabled 0
egprs only
flow-control-interval 10
flow-control force-bvc-bucket-size 596000
flow-control force-bvc-leak-rate 59600
flow-control force-ms-bucket-size 596000
flow-control force-ms-leak-rate 59600
cs 4
cs max 4
no cs threshold
no cs downgrade-threshold
cs link-quality-ranges cs1 6 cs2 5 8 cs3 7 13 cs4 12
mcs link-quality-ranges mcs1 6 mcs2 5 8 mcs3 7 13 mcs4 12 15 mcs5 14 17 mcs6 16 18 mcs7 17 20 mcs8 19 24 mcs9 23
mcs 9
mcs max 9
window-size 64 104
queue lifetime infinite
queue idle-ack-delay 10
no queue codel
alloc-algorithm b
alpha 0
gamma 0
dl-tbf-idle-time 2000

I have also attached pcap and pcu log with activated debug flags for BSSGP, RLCMAC, RLCMACDL and RLCMACUL for investigation.

pcu-putty.log pcu-putty.log 1.95 MB mqng2, 08/21/2017 01:48 PM
ms-data-service-unusable-after-pdp-act.pcap ms-data-service-unusable-after-pdp-act.pcap 2.28 MB mqng2, 08/21/2017 01:48 PM

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I was unable to reproduce this locally or in osmo-gsm-tester (see related ticket). Could it be that this was accidentially fixed by some change in a meantime?

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