Feature #2616

Update Prod and RnD sysmobts setups to 201705-testing

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Nowadays the sysmobts in Rnd and the one in Prod setups of osmo-gsm-tester are running an old 201310. They should be re-flashed to use a new 201705-testing instead. It's better to do it once we move current 201705-nightly to testing because then we introduce the "gnutls" dependency to libosmocore and this way the SDK we install will already contain it in case we need it in the future.

- Download latest 201705-testing image
- Flash it
- Configure it: look at steps in osmo-gsm-tester manual and wiki pages containing information about RnD and Prod setup details.
- Update the SDK in deb8build:/opt/poky
- Update contrib/jenkins-build-osmo-* in osmo-gsm-tester git repository to point to the new SDK. Maybe a good idea to have a symlink "latest" which points to latest version and use that one?


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#2 Updated by neels 4 months ago

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since 201705 seems to be the version we want everyone to use, I guess it would be good to test this instead of 201310, and the prio is slightly raised.

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Hi Pau,

On Mon, Nov 06, 2017 at 03:05:02PM +0000, pespin [REDMINE] wrote:

Feature #2616: Update Prod and RnD sysmobts setups to 201705-testing

thanks for creating the ticket. Please try to make use of roh if you think
it is useful to you. In the end, updating a sysmoBTS is something he can for sure
do, while he cannot help you mcch with develpoment. So every hour you can spend
more on R&D tasks rather than updating BTSs is helping us. It's up to you,
if you think it makes sense.

#4 Updated by pespin 4 months ago

  • Assignee changed from osmo-gsm-tester to roh

I think it makes sense for him to do it also because then we give somebody else than me the chance to setup/use/test the 201705 image and provide feedback on issues that I didn't see while preparing the new release.

roh I assign it to you, but we can discuss it if you need any help or have other stuff to do.

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