Bug #2648

osmo-mgw expects connection-ID from call agent in CRCX ?

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I was re-running the MGCP test cases from osmo-ttcn3-hacks and all of them failed.

The odd part is: osmo-mgw appears to be requiring the call agent to include a connection-id.

Connection IDs are allocated by the mgw in response to a CRCX.

See RFC3435 Names of Connections

   Connection identifiers are created by the gateway when it is
   requested to create a connection.  They identify the connection
   within the context of an endpoint.  Connection identifiers are
   treated in MGCP as hexadecimal strings.  The gateway MUST make sure
   that a proper waiting period, at least 3 minutes, elapses between the
   end of a connection that used this identifier and its use in a new
   connection for the same endpoint (gateways MAY decide to use
   identifiers that are unique within the context of the gateway).  The
   maximum length of a connection identifier is 32 characters.


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See as a starting point. This semantic change of course requires corresponding changes on the BSC side

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The the method of assigning the connection ID is now changed. Also on the BSC side: bssap: remove libosmo-legacy-mgcp dependancy mgcp: use mgw assigned connection identifiers

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