Bug #2655

osmo-mgw DLCX doesn't work with connection-id specified

Added by laforge about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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TC_crcx_and_dlcx_ep_callid_connid currently fails when specifying the connection ID in the DLCX. It works when only the call-id is specified, without connection ID.


#1 Updated by dexter 12 months ago

While working on the client FSM I observed the following:

This was sent by the client:

<0011> mgcp_msg.c:64 Received message: line #00: DLCX 3 rtpbridge/ MGCP 1.0
<0011> mgcp_msg.c:64 Received message: line #01: C: 4d2
<0011> mgcp_msg.c:64 Received message: line #02: I: 26A09B8CF52BF99F0AA2C95EFA64DA9C

This was the response by the MGW:

<0011> mgcp_msg.c:64 Generated response: line #00: 250 3 OK
<0011> mgcp_msg.c:64 Generated response: line #01: P: PS=0, OS=0, PR=0, OR=0, PL=0, JI=0
<0011> mgcp_msg.c:64 Generated response: line #02: X-Osmo-CP: EC TI=0, TO=0

Probably 250 isnt the right return code?

#2 Updated by laforge 12 months ago

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 08:32:15PM +0000, dexter [REDMINE] wrote:

Probably 250 isnt the right return code?

I think 250 is exactly the right response code for confirming successful DLCX :)

See spec:

250 The connection was deleted.  This return code can only be used
for a successful response to a DeleteConnection command.

#3 Updated by dexter 12 months ago

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I wonder if this problem is still present. At least in the last jenkins run I do not see TC_crcx_and_dlcx_ep_callid_connid listed as erroneous.

#4 Updated by laforge 12 months ago

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