Bug #2768

OsmoBSC doesn't perform MGCP DLCX in all cases of channel release

Added by laforge almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Whenever we performed CRCX on one or multiple MGCP connections on osmo-mgw, we must also call DLCX to clean up.

There are situations like at least the one seen in the attached PCAP file in which CRCX+MDCX are called, but the media gateway never sees a DLCX.

I've seen this cause follow-on problems if more connections are allocated on the same endpoint, at which the mgw will refues as only two connections are permitted by endpoint.

We should have a state machine that ensures whever the SCCP connection is closed, and that SCCP connection had MGCP connections, that those MGCP connections are deleted.


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The revised implementation that uses the GSCON FSM (see also should fix this problem. When the GSCON FSM terminates it must make sure that the connection is deleted.

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Note: This problem should be fixed with the GSCON FSM.

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(see also #2823)

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This is Fixed by GSCON (

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