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USSD test cases in TTCN-3

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We're not yet testing USSD from MSC_Tests in TTCN-3

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I'll try to implement some basic test coverage.

As I understand, we need to emulate the following:

  • subscribers, sending and receiving USSDs at the same time (according to 3GPP TS 04.80);
  • TTCN-3 based external USSD gateway (as soon as I finish the GSUP interface);
    • network initiated USSD-sessions;
    • subscriber initiated USSD-sessions;
    • error cases during USSD-sessions (e.g. losing connection with USSD gateway);
    • multiple USSD-sessions with a single subscriber (on both MM and transaction levels);

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The current plan of this work is:

1. (DONE) Implement abstract functions for GSM 04.80 coding
2. (DONE) TC: single request with known code (`*#100#`)
3. (DONE) TC: single request with unknown code (`*#999#`)
4. (DONE) TC: USSD request during an active call
5. TC: invalid initial request with DCS != 0x0f
6. TC: network originated USSD notification
7. Multiple requests within a session:
7.1. Emulate the USSD GW on the HLR side
7.3. TC: MS initiated RELEASE_COMPLETE

Patches for both 1. and 2. have been sent to review:

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#5 Updated by fixeria 2 months ago

Two new testcases have been submitted:

TC: single request with unknown code (`*#999#`)

TC: USSD request during an active call:

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As we are about to finish the GSM 09.11 implementation, i.e. 'SS/USSD over GSUP' in our case,
the existing test cases were updated in order to expect and reply GSUP messages:

Also, a new tests cases for network-initiated transactions have been sent to review:

Finally, the test case, which was intended to check the reaction on unknown USSD-code, is going to be dropped:

#7 Updated by fixeria 2 months ago

Future plans:

  • Test case for MS-initiated RELEASE
  • Test case for a few concurrent SS/USSD transactions
  • Test cases for abnormal cases, e.g.
    • referencing a non-existing transaction
    • interrupting an active transaction
    • no response to Paging Request

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