Bug #2956

GMM DETACH REQUEST (power-off) results in LLC XID

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Gb interface
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When sending a GMM DETACH REQUEST (power-off), we send a XID RESET.

As per Figure 4.7.4/1 of 3GPP TS 24.008, the DETACH REQUEST is a unilateral L3 message with no response/follow-up.

Now of course it's questionable how to react in case the TLLI is unknown, and our attempt at recovering from that is to send a XID. That may or may not be the right thing to do here. I'm unsure.

Sat Feb 17 15:02:20 2018 DLLC <0012> gprs_llc.c:526 LLC RX: unknown TLLI 0xcf6b13e6, creating LLME on the fly
Sat Feb 17 15:02:20 2018 DLLC <0012> gprs_llc_parse.c:81 LLC SAPI=1 C   U GEA0 IOV-UI=0x000000 FCS=0x270d39 CMD=UI DATA 
Sat Feb 17 15:02:20 2018 DMM <0002> gprs_gmm.c:1919 Cannot handle GMM for unknown MM CTX
Sat Feb 17 15:02:20 2018 DLLC <0012> gprs_llc.c:1076 LLGM Reset
Sat Feb 17 15:02:20 2018 DMM <0002> gprs_gmm.c:1463 MM(---/ffffffff) -> GMM DETACH REQUEST TLLI=0xcf6b13e6 type=GPRS detach Power-off
20180216-sgsn-detach-xid.pcap 20180216-sgsn-detach-xid.pcap 488 Bytes laforge, 02/17/2018 02:06 PM


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The problem is already fixed. However I've extended the ttcn3 test case to catch this.
Leaving this ticket open as long the ttcn3 patch is not uploaded and merged into master.

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all poweroff related ttcn3 tests are green.

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