Bug #3271

Bug #3269: osmo-e1-xcvr has magnetics not placed the right way

Fix T1094NL footprint in library

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PULSE_T1094NL.lbr (9.6 KB) mschramm, 05/18/2018 08:00 PM


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repaired PULSE_T1094NL footprint and symbol (solves OSM#3270)

... and OSM#3271. - The transformer symbol is made of two identical coils and hence it is not possible to mark the "2:" side (pins 9-11) separately. But the naming of this coil was changed in a way, that, when invoked, the "2" of the subpart name "TR1-1:2" shows towards the pins 9-11. Maybe we should evolve to a device symbol with two coils merged rather than two identical but separated, then an individual naming could honour the 2:1 side and can not be disturbed by e.g. subsequent mirroring. - Also repaired the name and value designators' layer association.

lib attached to ticket and will be updated in repo next week.

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Hi Martin,

thanks for your updates.

On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 08:04:27PM +0000, mschramm [REDMINE] wrote:

lib attached to ticket and will be updated in repo next week.

you now have push access to osmo-e1-xcvr.git, so it can be fixed there, too.

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