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jenkins: master-asn1c build: "error: 'param' undeclared"

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for an unknown reason, the master-asn1c build regularly ends up in an unclean state causing

asn1p_y.y: In function 'asn1p_parse':
asn1p_y.y:357:13: error: 'param' undeclared (first use in this function)
   *(void **)param = $1;

This happens whenever a .c file wants to get regenerated. That usually doesn't happen since we have the generated .c files committed.
So there is a problem/incompatibility in the .y sources, but that is a separate issue. It should never need to be regenerated.

We run as part of the jenkins builds, and whenever I manually go to a workspace and run that, everything just works. That's puzzling.

The git source tree is found in "detached HEAD" state, that might be related or not.

I haven't figured out what causes this yet. Whenever a master-asn1c starts to fail on one of the build slaves, I go there and do hardly anything to resolve it (so far an does it, once I also tried 'git checkout master'), but after days/weeks the problem just re-appears. It's never consistent across build slaves.

Also, asn1c.git isn't actually seeing any patches since january, we're just testing the same master all the time. So there are no git pulls, so there should be no reason for anything to go wrong. I'm stumped.


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  • Subject changed from jenkins: master-asn1c build to jenkins: master-asn1c build: "error: 'param' undeclared"

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I still often see master-asn1c failing, but don't want to sink time into it.

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