Bug #3312 x509 certificate expires in ~11 days

Added by zecke over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Not sure what is the target for renewal but please make sure it is automatically renewed before it becomes invalid.

+ ./check_ssl_certificate -H -c 10 -w 28
m=Jun, d=13, h=02, m=56, s=18, y=2018, z=GMT
check_ssl_certificates: WARNING - only 11 day(s) left for this certificate.


#1 Updated by zecke over 1 year ago

It expires the 13th of June.

#2 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

I think the problem is that we've migrated half of the services to the new
machine, but some remain on the old machine, and we cannot request certificates
for the same hostnames from both machine.

#3 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

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seems like not all related config was migrated, so the cron job starting the container with certbot does nothing.

Hoever, for some strange reason I currently cannot ssh into the old machine (rita) in order to copy the related data.

zecke - did you touch anything? I guess I'll have to reboot the machine if we can no longer log into it?

#4 Updated by zecke over 1 year ago SMTP seems to work (at least I got greylisted). I am going to use the hetzner reboot now.

#5 Updated by zecke over 1 year ago

Strange. As SMTP worked but port 40 didn't respond.. I wondered if the disk controller hanged itself again and rebooted. But the same problem persists. The SYN packets to the ssh port are blackholed.

I am sure that I ssh'ed into the machine after the FreeBSD upgrade. Do you know if someone else touched the pf.conf since then? Could you have a look at the diff of the sshd_config and the pf.conf? Maybe from a month ago to yesterday?

I am offline most of the morning but if we have the diff and know it is a firewall config then I can boot into the rescue system and fix the config.

#6 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

Hi Holger,

thanks for your help.

given that it's tuesday, I'll probably not find time until [late] in the afternoon,
but for sure I can check the backups for any changes in pf.conf or sshd_config.

#7 Updated by zecke over 1 year ago

Okay. There are too many comments in the pf.conf. I might have commented it out for the gerrit rsync (but I think I did the FreeBSD10.4 upgrade) after that. We should be able to connect from but that doesn't seem to work wither. I will reboot to a rescue system at night.

#8 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

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I've meanwhile issued new certificates for those domains which have DNS pointing to the new machine. That's basically everything except
  • (as it's not only port 80/443, but also FTP)
  • (SMTP)
  • (SMTP)

so for gerrit/jenkins/projects/cgit and all the various legacy domains like, valid certificates are installed again. However, the main project domai n is still unavailable.

zecke Did you reboot the machine? What was the result?

#9 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

I now changed the dns zone to make point also to the new host2 IP address. Once zone changes propagate, people should be able to access with a valid certificate.

#10 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

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old machine has certificate for lists+ftp only. New machine has cert for everything else.

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