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NS-RESET / NS-UNBLOCK / NS-BLOCK are not specified over IP/UDP

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According to (at least) Release 6 of TS 48.016, the NS-RESET, NS-UNBLOCK and NS-BLOCK procedures are not to be used over an IP bearer, i.e. they are only for Frame Relay.

Historically, we implemented our Gb implementation for OsmoSGSN in order to interoperate with nanoBTSs. So ip.access appears to have been in violation of above spec, or earlier releases of TS 48.016 still allow or even require those procedures even over IP.

So if we want our implementations (OsmoPCU, osmo-gbproxy, OsmoSGSN) to interoperate with 3GPP (at least Rel6+) compliant other implementations, we need to be able to disable those procedures basd on configuration. This way, we can disable it as needed.

Interestingly, our implementation (using RESET/UNBLOCK) works e.g. with the Quortus SGSN ;). On the Other Hand, some modern Ericsson SGSN/S-GW apparently outright rejects the NS-RESET sent by libosmogb.

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Related to OsmoSGSN - Feature #3373: Support for SNS auto-configuration (SIZE / SNS-CONFIG procedure)Resolved07/01/2018


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  • Related to Feature #3373: Support for SNS auto-configuration (SIZE / SNS-CONFIG procedure) added

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With the changes introduced by #3372, we now at least on the BSS side implement a Gb dialect that's fully compliant, doesn't use RESET/BLOCK/UNBLOCK and includes the IP-SNS.

However, we don't support any of that on the SGSN side, see #3373. So let's keep this issue here open as a reminder

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the ns2 code is implementing SNS and ip.

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