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disable/constrain/hide "multiple msc" concept

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There is a lot of complexity in the SCCP and configuration due to OsmoBSC supporting the conenction to multiple MSCs, and then route requests based on IMSI to those MSCs. This feature was once developed for one specific user and use case, which is no longer needed.

I think we should at least hide/disable the feature to avoid any confusion / misconfiguration of the users.

The typical GSM operator will think of MOCN (multi operator core network) or "A flex" when multiple MSCs connected to one BSC are on the table. The old OsmoBSC feature is about neither of those normal use cases.

Related issues

Related to OsmoBSC - Feature #3682: Intra-domain connection of OsmoBSC to multiple MSCsResolved11/06/2018


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  • Related to Feature #3682: Intra-domain connection of OsmoBSC to multiple MSCs added

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not sure how much of this still applies, now that we have MSC pooling support (see #3682)

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This issue is outdated / overhauled.
We have dropped the old imsi filtering feature, and instead have fully featured MSC pooling in place now.
AFAICT there is nothing we should drop about the current implementation.

(Concerning MOCN, implementing that would be a different topic altogether. It should be a different issue.)

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