Bug #3526

trxcon: L1CTL_DM_EST_REQ is not handled properly when requested ARFCN != the current

Added by fixeria 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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It was noticed that if BSC allocates a dedicated (e.g. TCH) channel on an ARFCN that is different
from the one mobile is currently camped to, trxcon would fail to follow this assignment.

I just found out that ARFCN indicated in L1CTL_DM_EST_REQ is merely not handled by trxcon :/


#1 Updated by fixeria 8 months ago

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A fix has been submitted:
ptrkrysik could you please verify using the MS tester with this change applied?

#2 Updated by ptrkrysik 8 months ago

I'll try to do that tomorrow, when I'll have access to the tester.

#3 Updated by ptrkrysik 8 months ago

This is not as simple as just running the test as the receiver needs to
be extended so it's able to work without constant synchronization from
SCH. For now I can try to use normal bursts, but I won't do this today
as I have other things planned to do.

Probably it would be good to enable correction of sample rate offset
correction. It was disabled because it complicates Rx and Tx
synchronization - so this part would also have to be improved.

#4 Updated by fixeria 8 months ago

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Yep, I also just realized this...
Makes sense to create a separate issue for GR-GSM.

#5 Updated by fixeria 7 months ago

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For gr-gsm it makes sense to create a separate issue.
The fix for trxcon has been merged, so I am closing.

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